Indian rugs are a beautiful addition to any home, thanks to their workmanship, styles and heritage. Whether you want to add an interesting statement piece to your home, or are looking for something unique, buying a handmade Indian rug can instantly change your room’s feel and appearance.

Our buyers guide to Indian rugs will help you to choose a suitable handmade rug, so you can make an educated choice.

Indian Rug Sizes

Indian rugs are available in a range of sizes, and we are more than happy to show you firsthand the sheer breadth of choice available. We have small decorative pieces, hall runners, right through to large, room sized rugs – we have pieces in stock up to 16 feet (4.90 metres) long.

The preferred size of a rug can vary due to room size, existing floor covering and material, and the intended use. For example, a much larger rug would be preferred in a room with a hard floor to bring insulation, warmth and to reduce any echo, whereas a smaller rug could be placed in front of a fireplace to add a decorative touch to a room.

If you would prefer to see how your desired rug looks in situ, you can use our Home Visits Service. Sometimes, it is much easier to decide if you really like an Indian rug if you can see how it looks and feels in your own home. Using this service you can have the benefit of seeing many different types and sizes in the intended space.

Rugs are also commonly used to style furniture and create dedicated zones. Each person has their own preferences here, whether they prefer the furniture entirely on the rug, part on and part off, or furniture off the rug. If you would like to see how our previous customers have chosen to use their rugs, why not visit our Be Inspired page.

If you are visiting our showrooms please bring with you the size of your room and/or intended space; from there we will be able to guide you on the best rug for your needs.

Indian Rug Patterns

The Indian rugs available today come in various shapes, sizes and designs. No two rugs are alike, due to their handmade nature and inspiration and influence from different cultures.

Mirzapur carpets feature round, floral designs in dark red often accompanied by a pale yellow or cream background, with borders of repeating floral patterns connected by vines. Jaipur carpets, which resemble Persian designs, with floral patterns and vines running along both edges. We can demonstrate the unique differences between these styles in store or during a home visit.

Knot Density and Pile Height

A fine or high-quality rug is not always defined by the thickness or depth of the pile. In my experience, some of the finest rugs I have come across have had a lower pile but the quality lies in the knot density – the number of handtied knots per square inch. Knot density and materials used within the rug’s creation will have an impact on the quality and price.

Indian Rug Materials and Dyes

Indian rugs are typically crafted from either wool or silk and will have either a cotton or silk warp (foundation).

Silk is an incredibly soft and luxurious material, but this luxury comes at a price when compared to other materials. Bamboo silk is often used these days to make hand-knotted rugs being both more affordable and more robust than cotton or silk.

For longevity, an Indian wool rug is most likely the best bet. Wool has limited shedding, and is naturally highly stain resistant, which makes it a good option for families with children and pets as well as for everyday living.

Why You Should Choose an Indian Rug

Indian rugs are timeless, with a beauty that has captivated collectors and homeowners alike due to their ability to showcase the country’s vibrant history. These rugs will add style and warmth to any space and offer a glimpse into India’s artistic history.

Throughout the ages many empires and cultures have spread across this region and their influences remain in many Indian crafts – this is especially evident in the broad range of handmade rugs produced in India today.

You can view our collection of Indian Rugs on-line or call in to our City Centre Norwich showrooms to view our collection.

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